Event held on February 17

Art Therapy Workshop

Provided by: CANsurvive Cancer Support Group

Event runs from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM


CANsurvive are pleased to offer an Art Therapy Workshop presented by Jane Bennett. Jane is an Holistic Counsellor and Art Therapist with a medical background. She lives and works in our South West Region with her family. As a practitioner in a local hospital, and with her own health challenges, Jane realised there was more to healing than the medical model within which she had worked for many years. Through retraining as an Holistic Counsellor Jane knows, first hand, that there is much we can do to support our medical needs…which is where Holistic Counselling and Art Therapy come in!

COST: $10 per person (paid on entry).
All materials and afternoon tea is provided.

PLEASE NOTE - There are a maximum number of 10 Participants for this workshop.

What is Art Therapy?
Art Therapy is a creative method of self – expression used as a therapeutic technique to enable you to become more ‘self-aware’ and explore feelings. You DON’T need to know how to draw, only how to pick colours intuitively…and put them on paper!

In a group environment this type of therapy is connecting and offers an opportunity to share emotions through colour and different mediums. The emotion you feel informs what you present on paper.

Art Therapy is non-threatening, safe and therapeutic.... we see the individual express insights on their own own journey...yet through the workshop, participants travel safely together.

If you know you're a messy artist please bring an old over-shirt to wear!