Government Membership 

Government agencies play a significant role in supporting community networks that deliver social impact. 

My Community Directory has been developed with the specific requirements of State and Federal Government in mind and is continuing to add datasets and features to drive greater insights for policy and funding solutions for Australia's largest employing industry, the critical Health and Community Services Industry.

My Community Directory provides up-to-date information to State and Federal Governments that can be used in a range of ways to support, manage, map and coordinate internally and externally funded programs and services and provide insights that drive policy directions.

Benefits of Membership 

Productivity Benefits

  • Saves time and effort | Shared databases reduce internal costs by 50-70%. Membership costs less than 30% of than the average investment in managing information.

  • Simplified data management | Share the burden of keeping data up-to-date with your constituents, while maintaining administrative control.

Community Benefits

  • Strengthens your community interaction | The community sector is interested in two-way communication with government. The My Community Directory platform provides a communication tool.

  • Supports the community sector by reducing duplication | They need access to the same data.

Technology Benefits

  • One database for all community resources | We provide a simple one stop shop approach to accessing and managing contacts across each of your portfolios.

  • Outsources and streamlines IT contact database | Outsourcing to My Community Directory reduces the impact on your IT staff and systems.

  • Reduces waste (through online usage) | Information is equally available on desktop or mobile; downloaded as PDFs or vCards; or shared via SMS or email.