Event held on August 16

David Frazer: Another night on earth

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Event runs from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Daily, until 15/11/2020


Castlemaine artist David Frazer is renowned for fine wood engravings and linocuts which explore the frailties and intricacies of the human condition. His finely detailed prints, marked by finely tuned wit and careful observation of human interaction, capture moments of hope, loss and connection. Frazer creates his own distinctive impressions of rural Australia with subtle humour and masterful skill as a storyteller. His endearing depictions of ‘hopeless blokes’ and ‘lonely losers’ illustrate human emotion at its most vulnerable. Familiar Australian landscapes, devoid of figures, are imbued with a sense of loneliness and yearning as a metaphor for humankind’s most basic emotional needs. In an era of uncertainty and global change, Frazer’s poignant images articulate our basic need for human connection and desire to connect with the environment around us. This exhibition features wood engravings and linocuts made over the past two decades. Also included are new wood engravings made as tribute to his distant relative, artist and printmaker, Lionel Lindsay of the famous artistic Lindsay family of Creswick. Frazer’s prints will be shown alongside a small selection of engravings by Lindsay from the Gallery’s collection.