Event held on November 21

The Lyin' Queen

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Event runs from 8:00 PM to 10:10 PM
Daily, until 21/11/2019


Adults Only - 18+ An eco-illogical disaster movie remake. Somewhere off the coast of Australia, through the misty waters near Maroochydore, lies an island. A mysterious atoll where it is said roam beasts of unimaginable terror. Legend has it that these monsters have been created - genetically engineered, if you will - by a genius. Well maybe not a genius, but certainly a force of nature. Yes, Queensland has opened its own version of Jurassic Park, and you’re the first guests. Parodying everything from The Lion King to Jurassic Park, Australian politics to disaster flicks (one and the same really), and Home and Away to Wentworth, this riotous musical comedy brings together the multi-award losing team who brought you Fat Swan, Little Orphan TrAshley and the smash hit The Bodybag. In his new adults-only extravaganza, Trevor Ashley stars as Gaye Wray (from Home and Away), an actress desperately trying to shake her soap star status. Sound familiar? Expect ridiculous puppets, song parodies, and more out of date politicians than a Liberal party fundraiser. Entry Cost All tickets $30