Event held on October 26

Hill End Ghost Tour Late

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Event runs from 9:00 PM to 11:59 PM


There are plenty of ghosts reported in Hill End a true Ghost Town, join them for a three-hour Ghost Tour to investigate what others have reported and you be the Judge. You will be conducting a Ghost hunt of Craigmoor House, the residence is believed to be teaming with Paranormal Activity so your chances of capturing something special here are promising. Some of the locals have reported seeing and hearing resident ghosts, loud banging and Shrouded Lady Spectres peering from their balcony just to mention a few. The tour is fully interactive with the use of Ghost hunting equipment, Ovilus 111, thermal, Infrared and night vision cameras, ghost radio Boxes, EMF detectors. Along with Paranormal Pete, you will be conducting several experiments and exchanging ideas to see if as a group you can capture some evidence of Paranormal Phenomena. Maximum ten people. Entry Cost All tickets $70 - Minimum age: 14